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  • Jim Davis

Stay Away

There are those who can find a silver lining in every black cloud.

Then there are those who can find a black cloud in every silver lining.

I know which ones to whom I’d rather be connected.

Chasing dreams is hard enough.

No one needs a constant barrage of negativity or the musings from the perpetual naysayer.

Some people are fountains, some are drains.

Some people will lift you up, others will keep you down.

Some, just based on words alone.

Words they say.

Words they don’t say.

Words that often cut or condemn.

Words have meaning.

They have power.

They tend to stick and can influence.

Beware those who utter them from a negative mind and sad heart.

They may prevent your vision and happiness with little or no cause.

Find those who talk up, not down.

And find someone with whom you can share a good word today.

Someone needs that too. :)

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