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  • Jim Davis

Goals? Blah, blah, blah

Setting goals.

Did you already just glaze over that thinking we've all heard about that?

Move on.

What else are you going to post on a Monday?

It's motivational gobbledygook.

Is it though?

The value of having a goal, or goals, that's driven by a grand vision, and grounded in

faith, makes life worth living.

And not just for yourself, by the way.

Aristotle said that we are what we repeatedly do.

If that's true (which it is) do I really want to aim for the minimum?

Do you?

Or should we say, If I'm going to aim, I may as well aim high.

I know, another phrase that sounds like a cheesy cliche'.

But what we call cliche's are founded in truth.

Life is not a cliche' and neither are goals.

Or at least they're not supposed to be.

Think about it. 🤔

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