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High-Performance Leadership

The true definition

of leadership

Five Myths of Leadership

Six Principles of Leadership

What a true leader looks like


Leading Healthy Conversations

Understand the myth and reality of communication

Choosing both substance

and style

The right method of communication


Resolving Conflict: How to Fight Fair

What causes conflict in the first place

The key to actually

resolving conflict

How conflict can make you better, not bitter

How to have a C.A.L.M. conversation


I would recommend to any similar organization that this training should have good benefits and results with their members.


Doug Burgess Scecon

Jim has a subtle humor and ability to listen to understand that allows him to bring out the best in people. I was always entertained and delighted by his messages.


Marie Ringler

Dale Carnegie

Jim connected with his audience, used sincere and real-world examples, and gave our teams some useful perspectives and leadership tools they could use right away.


Simon Nance


Seems to build

a good rapport
with his audience.

Jay Lacados

Canon IT


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