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  • Jim Davis

Be Led, Not Pushed.

Problems come to us all.

Dreams may not.

Either way there is a force attached to both.

One reality is chosen, the other outside of our control.

Perception recognizes that problems are a given.

Vision, faith, and courage says that though problems are inevitable, defeat doesn't have to be.

Problems come in all shapes and sizes, and so do dreams.

The heart and mind have a powerful way of informing our perspective one way or the other.

Problems, if processed properly, can help us grow.

Problems can be productive.

That's not to say it's easy.

But neither is chasing a dream.

But just as fire tests and refines gold, problems can do the same.

We won't know how strong our faith is until it's tried.

None of us escapes troubles.

God wants us to finish well, though.

Don't run from it or crack under the pressure.

You can be a diamond not a burst pipe!

Keep running. Fuel your dream, starve your doubt.

Be led, not pushed.

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