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  • Jim Davis

What Makes You Happy?

What truly makes you happy?

It’s said that happiness depends on good things happening in order to experience it, like winning the lottery.

Is that true? One third of lottery winners go broke within three to five years.

Money can buy you happiness, right? Maybe for a moment. Then the moment is gone.

There are a zillion quotes about happiness, songs, definitions.

“The state of being happy” is what you’ll find in the dictionary. Probably could have figured that one out myself, Mr. Webster.

I think it can be overrated. Everyone wants to be happy but too precious few know how to find it.

I know I’m probably not as happy as much as I should be.

I know it’s easier to complain than it is to praise.

I know there are a lot of things happening in the world right now that I’m not happy about.

I know that joy from God is different than happiness because one is sustaining and the other fleeting.

I know that I can choose happiness or not. Abraham Lincoln said he was convinced “people were about as happy as they made up their mind to be.”

I know that the drive to be happy can become a selfish one, and that bringing happiness to others can do the same for me.

Happiness can be real, and no one wants to go through life UNhappy.

People who are generally happy live longer, enjoy healthier relationships, are overall more successful, and less stressed.

Just don’t wait for those things to fall in place BEFORE you’re happy.

That’s the “if” game. “If I had a better job, a better spouse, nicer things…”

Some say happiness is a feeling. It comes and goes.

A life of value, purpose, and virtue could be the greater pursuit.

There’s a lot of joy and meaning that can be found there.

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