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  • Jim Davis

The Worth of a Penny

Would you bend over to pick up a penny?

There was a day when it was a big thing to find a penny. We even thought it was better if it was heads up, as opposed to heads down.

(I now know that was just silly superstition.)

No doubt there’d be e more motivation if it were a dollar, or maybe even a quarter. That might cause one to stop and stoop. Maybe.

But a penny? Is that worth the effort?

Pennies are not seen to be worth very much.

In fact, some have called for the government to stop making them.

They say, “What’s the use?” “It takes so long for you to have enough to matter.” Some have even thrown them away with the trash, even though it is money! One hundred pennies still equal a dollar!

It’s the whole idea of what we pass by or look over. It’s about what we see as valuable enough to pick up and what we see as not worth the trouble. Human beings seem to want their opportunities given on a grand scale. People seek the value of their effort in the grandiose rather than the small and, at times, obscure.

But God gives us so many opportunities to serve and do good that don’t have to be loud and elaborate.

I would love to find comfort in believing that I am deft at recognizing these moments, but brutal honesty forces me to ask how often I’ve overlooked them.

The truth is that it is in the small moments that our lives can find meaning. The little things: a kind word, a prayer, a hand extended, a warm smile. These are the pennies that add up to treasure beyond measure.

Nothing done in service and kindness to others is ever immaterial.

Everyone matters.

What society may label as throwaways God sees as of great worth.

May we see people, all people, through His eyes, listen with His ears, and love with His heart.

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