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  • Jim Davis

The Passion of a Just Cause

Every life needs a cause.

Everyone needs a calling bigger than self, a passion that will not only energize their life but change someone else’s.

Without it, the sense of merely surviving each day takes hold and one simply takes up space until the end (whenever that might be).

When I was in graduate school, one of the assignments was an essay regarding the words we wanted on our tombstone.

While that sounded a bit morbid to think about, the idea was centered around what the instructor referred to as our "ultimate contribution".

This was the first time I’d heard that term, but it stuck.

How did I want to contribute to the world, society, and future generations, that would be worthy of this gift we call life?

One well lived will move beyond mere existence and into a meaningful cause; something more than success. Significance.

The difference between the two can’t be understated.

You and I only get one life to exchange for others.

Living should be driven by a strong sense of mission, purpose, or a reason, that produces a call that must be answered with enthusiasm and passion each and every day.

While each individual has a definite purpose, causes can be presented at various times in alignment with one’s mission and calling.

A great commitment to a great cause and meaningful work will build a great life and speak volumes to the world about who you are, what you believe, and the difference you want to make.

Every life is a story waiting to be told.

What will your story be?

Keep writing your chapters.

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