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  • Jim Davis

The Galactic Empire That Almost Wasn't

Did you know this film, and eventual cinematic empire (no pun intended) almost wasn’t?

Did you know the initial screening was poorly received?

Did you know the idea was rejected by multiple studios?

Did you know that the main actors were virtually unknowns?

Did you know George Lucas had to sink much of his own money to fund the filming?

Did you know horrendous weather and cost overruns threatened to derail the making of the movie?

Did you know the he spent time in the hospital with fear he had a heart attack?

Did you know his father had told him he would never amount to anything?

Did you know Star Wars grossed 1.6 million dollars in its first day? In ony 43 theaters?

In 1977!!

In today’s instant culture, it might be easy to forget that chasing big dreams and vision requires a great risk, hard work, and sacrifice.

Even in a galaxy far, far away.

Keep battling and may the force be with you!

(I still think Star Trek is better.)

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