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  • Jim Davis


I'm guessing you know the date. :)

But this marks the first day of the second half of 2024.

That can either mean the year is half over, or, as I was recently encouraged there’s still half a year left!

In sports, there’s nothing more meaningless than the halftime score.

Legends have been made, or lost, by athletes and teams who have come back from being behind two or three touchdowns or twenty points or more.

Conversely, success is rented.

And payment is due every month.

Really, every day.

As you look back on the first six months of this year, what goes through your mind?

What were your wins and losses?

What is still out there to accomplish?

What did you learn?

And what of the people that can still be served by the seeds of love yet to be planted.

No, my friend. Today is not the time to mourn any and all mistakes or setbacks that that have preceded this day.

Learn from them, but let their lessons be instructive, not constrictive.

Live your life forward, looking ahead, not back.

You will thank yourself six months from now.

Today is DAY ONE of what could be the best days of 2024.

Live it. Love it.

What are your thoughts?

Comment below. ⬇

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