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  • Jim Davis

Goals Worth Pursuing

What are your life goals?

There's nothing wrong with creating goals and pursuing success.

The real question is do you I understand the truest definition of that word?

Goals are good.

Goals give us hope.

Goals inspire and create positive energy.

Goals bring focus to our days.

Goals will stretch you.

Goals require discipline.

Goals create wins and sense of achievement.

But goals can’t all be about you. Or me.

Success and significance are not the same.

Too many have either left people or, worse, used people, to attain their brand of success.

Goals and success motivated by self and those inspired by a desire to serve others have two very difference impacts.

When I care for people more than my goals, my life will be trained on the greatest aim of all.

And that’s love.

That’s true success.

The best kind.

The greatest life.

Let’s chase that.

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