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  • Jim Davis

Catch The Wave?

Is the wave dead? 🤔

Driving home, today, I offered this time-honored, friendly gesture twice to as many people.

In both instances, it seemed to be either ignored or rejected.

And that was in my neighborhood! 😟

Perhaps I only thought that they saw me when they actually didn't.

But I know they did.

Are they just not super-friendly people?

Is it distraction or disinterest?

I don't want to judge or assume.

It is proven that waving back to someone promotes "affiliate behavior" or a bonding of people and community.

Even of complete strangers!

What are your thoughts on this?

Is waving at people, especially strangers, still a thing?

Or has our modern, tech-driven society moved past this kind of social interaction?

Feel free to share your thoughts below—I’m all ears! 👇

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