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  • Jim Davis

Be Yourself

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

We all start as originals, but somewhere along the way many start to want to morph into carbon copies of others.


There is no one in the world like you!

God did that on purpose. He created you with a unique set of qualities, gifts, talents, and experiences.

Divine individuality.

Did you know that in one square foot of snow there are 18 million snowflakes?

Every one of those are different.

There are now an estimated 7.6 people in the world.

Every thumbprint is different.

(That's why you're fingerpinted when you get arrested. Not that you'd ever be arrested.)

We are all unique. God designed it, and us, that way.

Every life is created with a divine intent and purpose (Ephesians 2:10).

It’s not for us to decide what that is, but discover it.

People are waiting for what only you can be and only what you can do.

God is not expecting you to be more like someone else.

He’s expecting you to be the best version of the person He created.

Be that.

Be the best that.

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