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  • Jim Davis

Be A Failure!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

ailure is not fatal or final!

Failure is an event, not a person.

It's not a life sentence.

At least it shouldn’t be.

You and I know we learn more from seasons of losing than we ever do from whatever winning may look like.

Those we admire, and consider winners, weren't, or aren’t, more talented, smarter, or gifted.

They just used failure to fuel future success.

No one is exempt from losses or disappointment.

Neither of these pains can be avoided.

Every individual must brace themself and stand ready.

The human spirit can, and should, stand tall and bravely face every set of challenges and resolutely fight to prevail.

We run the race to win.

To finish.

The strength to win is an attitude and a spirit that will not allow you to live under the circumstances but rise above them with a resilient refusal to lose.

Fail early and fail often.

Each of these are steps to ultimate victory.

I hope you will be that kind of failure!

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