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  • Jim Davis

Why God's Grace is Amazing

One of the greatest hymns of all time is “Amazing Grace”.

John Newton was a captain of a slave ship and committed his life to

God after a violent sea voyage.

He was later ordained as an Anglican priest.

But could there be any better word used to describe God’s grace than amazing?

Words get used all the time and don’t often consider their value.

"Amazing" equals astonishment and wonder.

Yes, Newton chose the perfect word for God’s grace.

Why is it so amazing?

There are as many reasons as the number of lives that have been changed because of it.

God’s grace is free to all, though it cost His son His life.

It covers every mistake you and I have made and will ever make in this life.

It’s renewable every day.

It has nothing to do with how you and I perform, succeed, or measure up (or don’t).

It can’t be altered, changed, or diluted.

It’s rooted in God’s character, love, and power.

It will soften even the hardest heart and the most stubborn mind, if accepted.

It will help you and I love the unlovable and see the world in light of how much God love us.

Yes, for these reasons, and more, God’s grace is truly, and wonderfully, amazing.

Rest in all of what that means today for you and those around you. 🙏

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now am found

Was blind, but now I see

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