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Ready Or Not...

Ready or not...

For many, maybe including you, today marks a return to work after the holiday break (which I hope was awesome!)

What has shaped your perspective, and what will keep you motivated, in the early days of 2021?

Is it too early to fully consider about how you even feel about this burgeoning year?

Feelings come and go but here is a reminder of the foundational drivers for any year and your daily agenda.

MISSION: What’s my “why”? Am I clear about what it is we do and why? Has it changed? Does it need to be reimagined or reinforced?

VISION: What is the preferable or “ought to be” future I see for myself and my team? Have I painted and shared a picture of true success and betterment for our organization?

KEY OBJECTIVES: What do I really want and need to accomplish this year based on our mission? What are the goals and action steps to get me there, or do I just hope it will happen? (Not recommended.)

SERVICE: How will I raise and make a difference in the lives of others? How will I best serve my team and my customers?

You’re going to navigate this year anyway, may as well have some guideposts. :)

As Teddy Roosevelt said. “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Ready, set, go!👍

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