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  • Jim Davis

May "The Force" be With You

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Do you believe “the Force” is with you?

Do you know it is a $27 billion business that almost didn’t happen?

It all started with a dream, a vision, a story.

George Lucas knew, in his mind, it would be great entertainment for all those who would see it.

The studios disagreed. They told him no one likes science fiction and that it was for children, not adults.

Could they have been more wrong?

Finally, Lucas was able to get financed. Barely.

Filming was ravaged by faulty equipment and disagreeable weather, to say the least.

Despite all the rejection and adversity, Star Wars hit the theaters (though late) on May 25, 1977, and was the biggest box office winner at that time.

This is what “big picture vision” is all about.

Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker were in the mind of a great visionary producer long before they were on the screen.

But fill the screen they did. Along with all the other epic characters followers have grown to love (and hate).

Think about it.

Let that force be with you. 👊

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