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  • Jim Davis

Keep Calm and...

Stress happens.

These are difficult times.

No one gets to choose when these moments occur, but neither is anyone is exempt.

That being the case, why do so many struggle with their reaction, if not overreaction, to crucial events?

Why is it more are not able to stay composed during troubled times?

Life can hit us as it chooses and seek to dampen our spirits.

We are emotional beings.

When we experience good ones such as happiness, peace, pleasure, and jubilation, life is good and so are we.

But the unpleasant emotions are just as important and can’t be simply ignored or whitewashed.

What does the process look like to ensure the emotions that reside in all of us don’t run amok and negatively impact those around us?

Certainly, there’s a balance. Again, problems are common to everyone, and it would be error to pretend they don’t affect you.

That’s not healthy.

You may know, the "Keep Calm" posters were designed to be distributed in England in preparation for WWII. While they were not widely posted as first intended, the purpose was to raise morale at a time when the country needed it most.

While we can’t control when bad moments will strike, one can control what to do with them and what happens next.

This is what separates the mature leader from the average person who never rises above impulsively reacting to bad situations instead of carefully responding.

Make no mistake, the two choices could not be more different, as are the paths they follow.

The quality of your life and the strength of your leadership will be largely determined by this choice, as will the overall tenor of your team.

Keep calm and...

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