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  • Jim Davis

It's Been Five Years!

Where were you five years ago?

What were you thinking?

Was it about today?

How did that five-year plan go?

Did you even have a five-year plan?

Regardless, in a flash, 1,825 days have passed.

Can I look back and say that every day was the best way to help me be where I am today?

Not even close.

Thankfully, I'm not where I was and not where I hope to be tomorrow.

And all the other tomorrows.

Celebrate the journey, grace, perseverance, and fellow travelers along the way.

Time passes anyway.

Make it your friend to become your best future self!

For now, choose to live in the now and be present in the present!

What are your thoughts on YOUR last five years?

Share your thoughts below. 👇

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