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  • Jim Davis

How Does Conflict Start?

It all started with a pig.

It's said that the famous Hatfield and McCoy feud began in 1878 when Randolph McCoy accused Floyd Hatfield of stealing one of his hogs.  This even went to trial, with Bill Staton as a witness. 

Staton sided with Hatfield and was later shot dead by Sam McCoy.  All in all 13 Hatfields and McCoys would eventually be killed before hostilities would subside. 

And if reports are true, all over a stolen pig??

Conflict happens; even in the best of relationships and situations.  Clearly it can be over circumstances that could be deemed rather insignificant. 

The real question is what to do when it does.  How can conflict truly be resolved? 

Look for more on that in the next post!

What are your thoughts on conflict?

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