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  • Jim Davis

Happy Birthday, Walt Disney

Today is Walt Disney’s birthday.

He is one of my favorite people in history for a bunch of reasons.

His life and story, including his vision and accomplishments are what even the casual observer would consider epic.

He could also be what some would consider a failure, especially early on, and could have faded into the dustbin of the past if he chose a different path.

While there is huge controversy and distortion taking place within the world he lovingly created, his initial dream and subsequent legacy still resonates.

Walt Disney wanted simply to make people happy. And while that is a relative term and ultimately comes down to choice, Disney believed that offering wholesome entertainment for families was a powerful way to be a part of that.

And their lives.

I know my memory is spotted with scenes from a classic movie or cartoon that, while entertaining, also conveyed a moral or truth in its message.

Walt Disney was not only a creative genius.

His was a work of love.

Where there is often the drive to succeed, make money, chase fame and fortune, he was pursuing something more.

Every year 20 million people visit Disney World (including a friend of mine who is there today for her birthday, yes on the same day) to enjoy just one part of that original dream Walt Disney had of brining happiness to families all over the world.

That’s a birthday, and an idea, worth celebrating.

Love and legacy.

Good traits to follow.

What are your thoughts on Disney’s place in history?

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