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  • Jim Davis

Are You Winning?

How important is the strength to win?

How do you show resolve in overcoming losses and stay committed?

Name almost any athlete that is renowned for their number of wins and championships and history will answer with a stack of statistics that will balance the scale regarding losses and failures.

Babe Ruth hit 714 career homeruns but also struck out 1330 times. But what do we remember about the Sultan of Swat?

Michael Jordan made a game-winning shot in the NBA 25 times and scored the winning basket in the 1982 NCAA Tournament.

But he also missed 9,000 shots in his career, lost 300 games, and missed 26 of those times that it was all up to him in a game’s closing seconds.

But what do we remember about arguably the greatest NBA player of all time? Six world championships.

Even Muhammad Ali lost five times in his career, but what do remember about the one who called himself the greatest? That he was the greatest.

No one is exempt from losses. They can’t be avoided, and every individual must brace and stand ready.

The human spirit can, and should, stand tall and bravely face every set of challenges and fight to prevail.

We run the race to win, to finish.

Finish strong my friend.

Today and every day. 👊

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